Kenting National Park Headquarters-Visitor Center
Visitor Center
    Visitor Center
      Visitor Center
      Since opening in 1989, the visitor center has played the important role of a gateway to the national park as well as a hub of information for tourists. Furthermore, it also provides various services such as travel consultations, video appreciation, exhibition guided tours and introductions in order to achieve the goal of expanding the national park’s services, promoting environmental education and elevating tourism quality.
      The visitor center is roughly divided into the service information area, computer guided tour area, special exhibition area, southern peninsula area and resource exhibition area. Other sections include: courtyard resting area, outdoor resting platform, outdoor parking lot, and various presentation rooms. The related services offered are described below:
      Service desk:

      Each day, our staff is on duty to service the visitors, including arranging for presentations, offering itinerary recommendations, and various Kenting National Park related information (such as accommodation, sunrise/sunset timetable and tide table). Please consult the staff in person or via telephone on (08)8861321 ext. 500~502

      Scenic attraction tour guide system:
      1. Automatic tour guide system: The guide is divided into four major sections, including national park introduction, tourist destination introduction, tourist destination consultation, and tour itinerary recommendations. Furthermore, dynamic video display allows visitors to search and obtain a whole host of information related to the national park. Tour guide systemThe system is available in Chinese, English, and Japanese.
      2. Tour guide knowledge system: The system is divided into four major sections, including national park introduction, tourist destination introduction, tourist destination consultation, and tour itinerary recommendation. Furthermore, the pop quiz is provided for the visitors, where they can obtain knowledge about the national park’s various natural resources.
      Special exhibition area:

      Each period (three months) features different theme exhibitions including astronomy, insects, plants and geology …etc.

      Resource exhibition hall:

      The exhibits include the introduction of the national park’s geology, flora & fauna, marine and cultural resources under four major themes: Kenting’s Mountain and Ocean, Kenting’s History, Kenting’s Ecology and Conservation at Kenting. The national park’s resources are vividly presented via videos, photos, models and sounds. Since opening, it has become an important outdoor education venue for nearby schools.

      Presentation and screening service:
      1. Large presentation room (accommodates 110 persons)
      2. Small presentation room (accommodates 50 persons)
        Screening time: Group reservation is accepted. Eight screenings are available regularly per day between 08:10 and 15:40 for the visitors.
      3. AV room
        Various ecological videos are on display from time to time between 09:00~11:00 and 14:00~16:00. The videos can also be shown as per the visitors’ request.
        Reservation method:
        1. Phone reservation: (08)8861321 ext. 500-502
        2. Official website
      Outdoor guided tour:Outdoor guided tour

      Groups of 20 persons or more with their own vehicles can submit their application via mail or fax to book the tour guide service.

      Viewing platform and courtyard garden:

      The wooden viewing platform is also an alfresco café where visitors can take in the view of the Nanwan coast or Maobitou in the distance or admire the afterglow of the sunset. The luxuriant courtyard garden offers a tropical ambiance for the visitors to rest in.
      Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is available inside and outside the visitor center.
      Store: Sales of national park publications, souvenirs and meals.

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