Kenting National Park Headquarters-Itineraries Recommended
Itineraries Recommended
    Itineraries Recommended

      Catch a break from your busy work, put on your slippers and enjoy a leisurely holiday in Kenting!

      The number after the icon means the time you can stay. The number after the icon means the driving time to the next spot.

      Half Day Tour
      Forest and Coastal Tour
      5 hours

      Visitor Center30mins10mins﹚→ Kenting Forest Recreation Area100mins10mins﹚→Sheding Nature Park100mins10mins﹚→Chuanfan Rock5mins5mins﹚→Shadao shell Beach Exhibition Hall5mins5mins﹚ →Longpan Park10mins10mins﹚ →Fongchueisha10mins10mins﹚→Jialeshuei50mins → Return via Provincial Highway No.200

      Driving Tour
      Driving Tour
      4 hours 30 mins

      Visitor Center30mins10mins﹚→Chingwashr and Chuanfan Rock10mins5mins﹚→Shadao Shell Beach Exhibition Hall5mins5mins﹚→Longpan10mins10mins﹚→Eluanbi Lighthouse30mins15mins﹚→Nanwan10mins5mins﹚→Sisal Industry Historical Exhibition 40mins5mins﹚ →Longluan Lake Nature Center 40mins10mins﹚ →Maobitou Park30mins →Return trip on west coast road

      West Coast Tour
      West Coast Tour
      4 hours 30 minute

      Visitor Center30mins10mins﹚→South Bay10mins5mins﹚→Sisal Industry Historical Exhibition30mins5mins﹚→Longluan Lake Nature Center 40分鐘﹙10mins﹚ →Houbihu Marina50mins10mins﹚→Maobitou Park30mins20mins﹚→Guanshan20mins→Return trip on west coast road