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Sheding Village Eco Tours
    Sheding Village Eco Tours

      Sheding Village Eco Tours


      With Kenting National Forest Recreation Area on the left and Sheding Nature Park on the right, Kenting Sheding Village has abundant ecological diversity. Tens of thousands of red-bellied eagles and black-chested buzzard-eagles pass through the zone from the north, heading to the south in September and October every year. The Peak Pavilion at Sheding Park is the perfect place to watch the breathtaking sights of so many eagles flying through in the sky.

      Sheding Village, Shexing Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
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      Tour Time Price Minimum Number of Participants Meeting Time
      Day-time Eco Tour 2 Hours NT 300 6 Persons 8:30 am
      1:30 pm
      Night-time Eco Tour 2 Hours NT 300 6 Persons 7:30 pm
      Day-time Sika Deer Tour 2.5Hours NT 400 6 Persons 8:30 am
      1:30 pm
      Persimmon Forest Tour 3.5 Hours 500元 6 Persons 8:30 am
      1:30 pm
      ※The forest closed in March

      ※Children 4-6 years old half price, children under 4 years old free of charge.
      ※Each fee includes one guided tour and public liability accident insurance.
      ※Should force majeure, such as natural disasters (strong wind signal 8 or above, heavy rain, earthquake, tsunami, etc.) epidemic prevention, nuclear accident, civil disturbance, etc., occur, Party A reserves the right to stop entry into the forest, cancel the tour and refund according to the stop-entry standard of the central or local authorities.
      ※Wild forest is not suitable for wheelchairs or baby carts. Visitors are required to wear fully covered footwear (such as cloth shoes, hiking shoes or rain boots) and long trousers. Do not put on fragrant skin care products, if possible. Pets are not allowed. Smoking is not allowed in national parks. Participants also agree to abide by the laws and regulations on the prohibition of hunting and picking in national parks. The organizer reserves the right to refuse any participant and report the participant to the Police Force of the National Park for creating hazards and endangering the ecological system, should the participant failed to comply with the above requirements.

      Note:For participants of the Eco Tours, please wear hats and fully covered shoes(sports shoes or rain boots are recommended. Please do not wear Fit-flops or sandals);Please bring your own drinking bottles, torchlights and rain gear. In order to protect the ecological system in the area, smoking and eating are prohibited in the whole tour. Thank you for your support of the prosperity of the wildlife.

      Tour Overview
      Day-time Eco Tour 【Sheding Village_ Day-time Eco Tour】
      Our tour guides will take you through hidden wild trails. Be amazed by the beautiful butterfly scenes of the Butterfly Valley and the Butterfly Walking Trail, the towering coral reefs, the special-shaped shear trees, and the blue sky, clear sea, and the wide grassland. There are also birds flying through or jumping around in the woods, monkeys roaring in the Macaque Hill, and Sika deer and goats wandering on the grass.
      Night-time Eco Tour 【Sheding Village_ Night-time Eco Tour】
      Night-time Eco Tour: Our tour guides bring you to the colorful world of the nightlife of Sheding. Witness the so-called "ghost fire" - fluorescent mushrooms, the "spirits of the night" - fireflies, and the frogs singing like a symphony orchestra. During summer vacation, when you have no plans for the night in Kenting, come and join the night tour. It is conveniently located near the main street of Kenting, where the sparkling stars and wonderful creatures are willing for you.
      Day-time Sika Deer Tour 【Sheding Village _ Day-time Sika Deer Tour】
      This is currently the only Sheding workstation for rehabilitated Sika deer in Taiwan. Sika deer are rehabilitated around the workstation in a semi-captive way. You might be able to spot them during the tour! The workstation is a restricted area where only authorized personnel and persons with permits are allowed to enter. Some of the trees in the area are wrapped in linen. This is not to protect the trees from cold weather, but to protect the trunks from male Sika deer, which rub the trees during the mating season.
      Persimmon Forest Tour 【Sheding Village _ Persimmon Forest Tour】
      Sheding tour guides bring you back to the hidden land forgotten by the world for years. In the 140 hectares persimmon forest, there are huge ficus microcarpas with trunks so thick that can only be totally embraced by 10 persons all together. With leaves under your foot, you can go up to the mountain to enjoy the view of the blue sky and the sea. You might also find some groups of Sika deer running in the wild and the traces of life from the Paiwan tribe.
      Turtle Tribe Kitchen Local Delicacies 【Turtle Tribe Kitchen Local Delicacies】
      Using specially selected in-season ingredients from the surrounding area for its dishes, the restaurant has no menu. All of its creations are not only colorful and delicious, they also minimize carbon footprint. You can enjoy healthy food and protect the environment at the same time.
      ※ Open mainly during lunch and dinner hours. Reservations are required.
      ※ Meal fee NT400/person
      ※ 4-10 years old, NT250/person. We provide a simple meal to each child under 4 years old free of charge.
      ※ Meals are prepared with seasonal ingredients.
      By Car National Highway No. 3: Take the highway from Nanzhou Interchange and drive through the connecting road to Highway Tai No. 1. Drive through Fangliau, Fangshan and change to Highway Tai No. 26 at Fonggang. Passing through Checheng and Hengchun, and enter through the main entrance of Kenting Forest Recreation Area. Follow the signs to get to Sheding Park.
      1. An eco-tour is a responsible method of tourism. Please care about the earth, protect the environment and uphold the spirit of eco-tourism. Please minimize the use of disposable goods. No disposable consumables or bottled water will be provided.Please bring your own handkerchief, water bottle, reusable chopsticks, toiletries(towels, toothbrush and toothpaste), slippers, and reusable rain gear.

      2. Please wear outdoor clothing (long trousers) and shoes. Please bring your own medicines, health insurance card, identity card, sunglasses, changing clothes, sun hat (essential), torch light (essential), rain gear (essential),anti-mosquito gear, and motion sickness pills. You might also want to bring telescopes and cameras. For activities in the wild, please do not wear slippers or sandals. Smokers, please smoke in places where there are no other people or where there is less wind. Please bring your own cigarette box for cigarette ends and do not litter. Umbrellas are recommended for the rain and the sun while being well ventilated at the same time.

      3. The northeast monsoon wind is especially strong in winter.Wind-proof, warm clothing and hatsare recommended.

      4. When going on a night tour, please do not use flash to take pictures of one animal more than five times for each tour group. Please do not grab the animal or the plant unless necessary.

      5. Our tours involve a lot of walking and they take a lot of energy. Please consider your own physical condition before signing up. Please also read the precautions for the tour. For special symptoms or needs, please inform the organizer before the tour to ensure your own safety in participating the tour.

      6. Please join the tour with respect and love for the nature. Follow the instruction of the tour guides and enjoy the tranquility of the mountain.

      7. Advance booking is required to join the tour. We do not accept any participant who has not registered to join the tour.

      Photos from the company
      • Daytime Eco Tour Daytime Eco Tour
      • Nighttime Eco Tour Nighttime Eco Tour
      • Fluorescent mushrooms Fluorescent mushrooms
      • Recreated old charcoal kiln Recreated old charcoal kiln
      • Geothelphusa albogilva Geothelphusa albogilva
      • False Viper False Viper
      • Sika deer Sika deer
      • White Danaus White Danaus
      • Board roots Board roots
      • Huge ficus microcarpas Huge ficus microcarpas
      • Megacranis Tsudai Big-headed Stick Insect Megacranis Tsudai
        Big-headed Stick Insect