::: Kenting National Park Headquarters

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Important Information
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A. For your safety, please read the following information:
dot The Park consists mainly of natural, undeveloped areas. Please pay attention to your own safety.
dot Please pay attention to your safety near cliffs and coasts, and beware of strong winds and high waves during monsoon season.
dot Please stay on trails, and beware of poisonous snakes and bees.

B. We need your cooperation.
According to Article 13 of the National Parks Law, the following behaviors are prohibited in national parks:

dot Burning plants. dot Carving on trees, rocks, or signs.
dot Hunting or fishing. dot Littering.
dot Polluting the air or water. dot Driving off designated roads.
dot Picking flowers or damaging plants. dot Other behaviors prohibited by the administrative authority of national parks.

C. Transportation:
Hengchun is the hub of transportation in Kenting National Park.
Main routes are as follows:

dot Kaohsiung→Hengchun (Taiwan Bus Co., Kaohsiung Transportation, Pingtung Transportation, and Jhongnan Transportation) dot Hengchun→Changle
dot Pingtung→Hengchun (Taiwan Bus Co., Pingtung Transportation) dot Hengchun→Dingbaisha
dot Hengchun→Forest Recreation Area dot Hengchun→Wanlitong
dot Hengchun→Eluanbi dot  Hengchun→Houwan
dot Hengchun→Jialeshuei    

D. Telephone Numbers:

dot Kenting National Park Headquarters: 08-886-1321 dot Kenting Forest Recreation Area: 08-886-1211
dot Kenting National Park Police: 08-886-1331 dot Sheding Nature Park: 08-886-1489
dot Maobitou Park: 08-886-7527 dot Shell Beach Exhibition Hall: 08-885-1204
dot Longluantan Nature Center: 08-889-1456 dot Eluanbi Park: 08-885-1101
dot Sisal Industry History Exhibition: 08-886-6520 dot Jialeshuei Scenic Area: 08-880-1083
dot Nanwan Recreation Area: 08-889-2894 dot Hengchun Hospital: 08-889-2704
dot Kenting Youth Activity Center: 08-886-1221 dot Christian Hospital: 08-889-2294